Spells are the most basic form of attack on Beta. Each class has its own unique spells, and their effect depends on the level. Each class's spell also centers around a different aspect: Warrior is attack, Archer is ranged, Mage is ice (slowing down stuff), and Shaman is healing

List of Spells (incomplete, format this pls):


Slash - a basic melee shot that does a decent amount of damage

Crescent Swipe - a whirlwind that does AOE damage; can be upgraded using passives

Bulwark - a spell that increases your defense and block chance

Charge - run really fast at a target when in range and stuns it


Swift Shot - shoot a basic arrow

Precise Shot - stronger version of Swift Shot that can be upgraded by many things to do poison/AOE, and also increases DMG and speed of Swift Shot

Dash - Very useful spell that makes you dash forward quickly and instantly recharges Precise Shot

A really good combo is: Precise, Swift, Swift, Dash, Precise, Swift

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